Cheering up your kid’s room

Children are often very hard to please. It’s quite an easy task when they are young, but as they grow things get more and more difficult. When it comes to their room, there comes a certain age when it’s best if you let the decorating decisions to them. This will give them a sense of freedom and they can use their imagination to turn a dull room into the place they feel most comfortable in.

Now, if you’ve raised them right, you will probably make all of these decisions together. If you see them putting up different drawings or posters, it definitely means that it may be time to take down the Mickey Mouse wallpaper and redecorate.

The most important thing here is to ask them exactly what they want: if they wish to change everything or just repaint the room and change the decorative objects. You need to talk about this, because I’m sure you are on a budget and they need to understand that. They need to understand that maybe you can only afford to repaint the room for the time being and that you will also change the furniture sometime in the near future. You don’t want them to get their hopes up and then get disappointed. It is better that you both know what you’re in for.

Now, if you have two kids who are using the same bedroom, then you surely need to listen both of them out and come to some kind of an agreement, because they will surely not agree on anything, unless you are the luckiest parent in the world. Our advice would be to paint the room yourselves. This way you save some money and you get some quality time together. Let them pick the colors and since it is their room, you might also want to let them actually draw something on the walls. However, when it comes to color, our suggestion would be to convince them to go for something relaxing and bright, like blue and green. It has actually been proved that these two colors are the best ones to have around while working or studying. Red, for instance, would be highly inappropriate, because it is pretty violent and on the long run it may become stressful.

Now that the walls are painted and the new colors look absolutely amazing, you can also ask them if they plan to further decorate them. Ask them if they would like to hang up some art or what exactly they are interested in. Ask them about furniture and about any other changes they might want to make and work together as a team. There is surely a way for everyone to get what they want. They will surely be excited about the change and they will probably want something radical. That’s not exactly a bad thing as long as they don’t ask for something impossible or as long as they don’t want to have something completely inappropriate in their room.