Advice for a perfect living room

Who in his right mind wouldn’t want a perfect living room? The difference between a plain and simple living room and one that is both functional and harmonious lies in a couple of small details. So here is a list with a couple of tricks that will help you improve your living room.

Don’t be afraid to use colors and a type of style that you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that we are talking about YOUR living room so you have to improve it according to your preferences. If you prefer a minimalist style, then go for it, if you are the romantic type, then go ahead and show it with your decorating skills. If you like strong colors, then go with red orange or green and if you are a fan of warm, pastel colors, then go ahead and use warm, pastel colors.

Lighting is extremely important! A well lit room can appear to be warmer, more welcoming and even more spacious. Apart from that, lighting can make any room seem beautiful and friendly. The perfect lighting can be achieved with the help of light colors, light colored furniture and floor. You can polish your hardwood floors, use shiny materials definitely give up curtains (you can still keep the drapes so you can give your windows a bit more personality). Keep in mind to use light, thin materials.

Color! White can be a great choice for every room in your house, but you should know that a perfect living room is never white. Some of the most beautiful living rooms are usually the ones painted in pastel, warm colors, because these usually liven up a room. Use warm and luminous shades of beige, pink or light yellow, golden or gray shades that you can cheer up with some intense accent shades.

Use compact, supple items of furniture that has straight lines. If you want a perfect living room you definitely must put a lot of care in choosing your furniture. The best choice is usually items of furniture with straight, simple lines that are regularly shaped. You can add an elegant sofa and your living room décor will be just perfect. Avoid curve lines and voluminous items of furniture, or the ones that have too many decorative items. You should also avoid unusual shapes that will be visually exhausting and make your living seem crowded.

Decorate your living with storage room. A messy and crowded room will never seem comfortable. Not to you and not to anyone who comes to visit. Tidiness is definitely an important element that can definitely change the aspect of a room. In order to avoid a messy room take some time to analyze just how much space you need in your living. It is highly important to do this before buying any furniture. A cabinet and a couple of shelves will surely help a lot.